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Why Weight Loss Programs & Products Don’t Work For You

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First of all, let me just set the record straight and say that it has nothing to do with you being lazy and lacking motivation. Motivation is not the issue here. Feel better? Good.

So, what is the problem? Why haven’t you been able to achieve the same results as the beach goddesses in the weight loss commercials? You paid the same kind of money and followed the same fitness and diet plan, right? Why are they now able to bounce around in bikinis and flaunt glorious 6-pack abs while you’re still stuck hiding in baggy sweat pants and billowy t-shirts? Where is your bikini body and 6-pack abs!?!

Weight Loss Programs not Working?Take a deep breath, my friend—the problem is a basic one with a fairly simple solution that isn't going to cost you a thing except maybe the money it takes to buy groceries. Why groceries? Because that’s where your problem lies.

But first, I want you to think of something for a second…

What does every single weight loss program and supplement have in common? What comes along with every fitness and supplement program you ever purchased? Usually a detailed meal plan to follow—or at the very least a nutritional guide. Should you come across a weight loss program or product that doesn't come with at least some basic dietary information to follow, that is a HUGE indicator to not entrust your money, time, and effort into that program! Ninety-nine point nine-nine-nine-nine-nine percent of the time those kinds of programs are SCAMS and should be avoided like the plague. But back to the point…

Why is it that you aren't successful with these weight loss programs when it seems like everyone else is succeeding almost effortlessly? The simple answer? You’re not following and maintaining a healthy diet. Did I just hear you say “duh!” or “wha?” Let me explain…

They’re called food cravings, my food-loving friend. You know, those gnarly, intense urges that seem to pull you in the direction of your favorite junk foods just a couple hours after starting your diet? Yeah, those pesky little bastards. And they make weight loss nearly impossible to achieve, no matter how kick-butt and on point that weight loss program is. The sad thing is, you have probably come to accept your food cravings as a part of everyday life--a necessary evil, kind of like paying taxes. Oh, but food cravings are not normal; they are actually a sign of a much bigger issue. But we’ll save that topic for another blog post.

Weight Loss Programs not Killing my food addictionsThat "really cool weight loss program" your friend is just raving to you about? I don't care how emphatic their campaign is about that supplement being able to crush food cravings. That supplement didn't cause food cravings, so it’s not going to take them away. Sorry. Not going to happen. But what will happen is that you’re going to follow the meal plan that came with the program and—POOF! Food cravings GONE! Magic, right? Wrong!

But these weight loss programs will make it seem like it was the supplements that took the cravings away, and believing this, you will continue to buy the supplements—often on autoship every month—in hopes of keeping the food cravings at bay just long enough to lose weight. It isn't the supplements that are killing the cravings, it’s the meal plan. The meal plan removes the foods that cause the food cravings in the first place. In the same manner that you take alcohol away from an alcoholic long enough and they stop craving alcohol; if you remove junk foods from your diet long enough, you will stop craving junk food. Again: The supplements have nothing to do with it.

Want to test my theory? Take those same supplements while still eating junk foods and see what little difference those supplements make regarding your food cravings. My prediction? They won’t even make a dent.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against taking nutritional supplements—I’m against taking weight loss supplements. Yes, there is a difference. Nutritional supplements are used to supplement a healthy diet—not replace it. Weight loss supplements are often used as a tool to either influence a healthy diet or to replace it all-together.

Have you ever done this before: Taken a handful of appetite suppressants before eating your favorite fast-food meal with hopes that it will magically kill your appetite half-way through the meal, causing you to finally push the plate away before you clear it? Extreme exercise won’t do it either. Has that actually happened to you? Be honest. Passing out in the middle of your dinner from sudden fatigue and exhaustion doesn't count.

It’s time to get real—for me to get real with you and for you to get real with yourself. Your problem isn’t that weight loss program or product, nor is that weight loss program or product your solution. Your problem is your nutrition being out of control, in large part due to those intense food cravings. If you want to stop food cravings so you can lose weight and maintain the weight loss, you have to stop eating the foods that cause those food cravings. Plain and simple.

Or maybe it isn't. If you haven’t the slightest clue where to start, I've got the perfect starting point: The 7-day, Stop Food Cravings Challenge; it’s free to join and you get so much out of it! Find out more about the challenge and join today!

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Michelle Estrada is a leading expert in teaching others how to overcome Food Cravings and Emotional Eating.

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