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There is a Secret to Successful Weight Loss and Chances are You Don’t Know It

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Secret to Weight LossMany fitness enthusiasts, nutrition consultants, and weight loss experts don't really have a clue about the secret either, which is why nothing they can say or do will work for you. Not that their intentions aren't genuine, I'm sure they have a sincere desire to help you reach your goal. Unfortunately they can't help you because, just like you, they're clueless.

Before I reveal the secret behind why 96% of weight loss efforts are failing, let me reaffirm some of the advice you have been given:

• There is no such thing as a magic pill or shake.
• Fad diets do not work.
• You cannot lose weight without regular exercise AND maintaining healthy nutrition.
• You cannot out-exercise a bad diet.

All very sound and truthful advice. But does that help you at all? Are you now ready and excited to start dieting and exercising tomorrow? Are you ever ready and excited to diet and exercise?

The Secret to Weight Loss is Dramatically Unveiled

The point where most weight loss programs, products, and experts fail is that they give you only part of the equation when it comes to successful weight loss. They either give you a fitness routine to follow, a nutritional guide to maintain, or (the really good ones) give you both.

Fitness and nutrition—that's all I need to lose weight, right? Wrong!

Contrary to popular belief, diet and exercise are only part of the successful weight loss formula. The secret to successful weight loss is the little-known 3rd factor to permanent weight loss. Aren't you just dying to know what that 3rd factor is? That when missing, sets you up for weight loss failure before you even get started?

One thing you must understand right now is that successful weight loss (which means permanent weight loss) is not possible unless you implement this 3rd mystery factor. Without this 3rd factor, you will continue to struggle with your weight and continue to white-knuckle your way through weight loss. That yo-yo dieting roller coaster will continue to run until you exit using the 3rd factor.

Your Ticket to (Not) Ride

Are you getting tired of being teased? Alright, here it is: The Secret to Successful Weight Loss is...(drum roll please)...

A Self-Supporting Mindset!!!

When your mindset is supportive of you and your weight loss goals, you won't have to struggle to lose weight; the weight will come off almost effortlessly. When your mindset is supportive of you losing weight, you won't have to fight with yourself to eat healthy foods over junk foods.

When your mindset is supportive, you won't constantly be thinking about your weight and obsessing over your food choices. When your mindset is supportive, you won't have to battle with intense food cravings. A self-supportive mindset will have you enjoying the taste of healthy foods to the point where choosing them over junk food isn't given a second thought; you gravitate toward eating healthy!

I know all of this seems incredible and maybe even a bit unbelievable, especially if you've been struggling with weight loss for a very long time. Most people who battle with food cravings cannot even imagine a life where they aren't constantly being drawn to food. But that life does exist and it is available to you!

So before you go and drop $300 on yet another weight loss kit or cleanse, consider taking care of the cause of your weight loss struggles first: your self-sabotaging mindset. There are two ways to do this: self-learning (which requires years of research, testing, and failing), or enrolling in the Bikini Mindset Boot Camp which gives you everything you need to finally achieve permanent weight loss that can be maintained without the struggle.

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Michelle Estrada is a leading expert in teaching others how to overcome Food Cravings and Emotional Eating.

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