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Open Letter to Weight Loss Product Pushers

Posted by

Dear Mr. or Mrs. Weight Loss Product Pusher,

weight loss supplementsThe fact that I am writing a blog post that is addressing you personally shows that I need to have a few words with you—several hundreds of words actually.

Who am I and what concern do I have with you, you ask? Quite frankly, I'm a former fattie. At 5-feet-2-inches tall and weighing 181 pounds, I was classified as obese by medical standards—a classification that your industry says it's after. "End the Trend" is the motto, right?

While I was fighting my own very personal battle of the bulge, I spent a TON of money on your industry's fitness programs and nutritional supplements. Currently in my DVD collection are Taebo, Turbo Jam, Turbo Fire, Slim in 6, P90X, and T25. I've also used Xyngular, Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, Innutra, ViSalus, Shakeology, and countless others. Sadly, none of it solved my problem; they didn't "End the Trend" for me.

There's one huge glaring fault with your product and campaign: It's focusing on the wrong problem. Maybe if we stop pushing fitness programs and weight loss supplements down the throats of overweight people, we can implement a true, permanent solution. You do care about helping find a lasting solution, right?

Before I go any further, let me just clarify that I'm not against taking nutritional supplements or following a well-structured fitness program. Nutritional supplements are actually quite beneficial as today's produce doesn't yield the same nutrient and mineral density as it used to for our parents and grandparents. We can blame the quality of our soil for that.

As for fitness programs—I make part of my living in the fitness industry! Of course I believe in regular exercise, and I support any avenue that is going to help a person get in their minimum requirement of 30 minutes a day.

But I must keep it real with you guys. These products and programs aren't working for a vast majority of the people! And to continue pushing a solution which we know does not work (many of you know this from personal experience) is just wrong! Don't get me started on those weight loss product pushers who use their own products but are still struggling with their own weight loss. Seriously?!? If it isn't working for you, how can you promote it as a working solution to those you love and care for?

Sorry, I've gone off into another tangent. Let me get to the point...

You see, obesity isn't the real issue here. Throwing fitness programs and nutritional supplements at an obese person isn't going to do anything for them except drain more money out of their bank accounts and frustrate them further regarding their weight. Your products and programs are probably just one of the thousands they have tried before. How exactly is your fitness program or nutritional supplements going to help them where other's have not?

b2ap3_thumbnail_weight-loss-products.jpgObese people know they need to exercise and eat healthy to lose weight; they spend $61.6 billion dollars a year trying to do so. What they don't know is that their weight isn't the true issue. Their weight is a symptom of a much deeper-rooted problem and your exercise programs and healthy shakes aren't going to solve it.

And just FYI: Your "amazing, food-craving-killing" shake or supplement didn't do jack for my food cravings or my ravenous appetite when I still had them. Even while I was following the fitness program and meal guide. But I don't blame you or your product. I blame a lack of knowledge behind what is the true culprit.

You want to "End the Trend" of obesity, dear Weight Loss Product Pusher? Then I suggest you attack the root of obesity: sugar addiction. It wasn't until I learned how to stop my food cravings by curing my addiction to sugar that I was able to finally lose all of the weight and keep it off.

Unfortunately, your products didn't help me do that—I had to find that out the hard way for myself. Again, I'm not blaming you. For some reason, the rampant problem of sugar addiction in this country is being widely overlooked by many in the weight loss industry.

If you genuinely want to end the trend of obesity (I pray you're not just in it for the money), you need to understand the addiction behind what makes an obese person obese.

First of all I can tell you that people who are addicted to sugar cannot eat wheat, and your programs come with meal guides that include wheat in them almost every day. Wheat just isn't the same ol' grain that our parents and grandparents used to eat. Thanks to the many genetic modifications it has undergone over the years, today's wheat is now super-addictive and contains what is being nicknamed as "super-gluten".

Secondly, your meal guides are set up so that people who are sugar addicted will have their food cravings triggered. This is why all of those fitness programs and supplements didn't work for me. This is why your supplement wasn't able to curb my cravings or dull my appetite. While your meal plans do include a lot of natural, whole, living produce and other foods; even natural foods with natural sugars will trip food cravings.

Imagine telling an alcoholic to stay away from beer and hard liquor, but it's okay for them to have a few sips of wine a couple times a day. This is, in essence, what most nutritional meal plans and guidelines are doing to sugar addicts. This is why it is so difficult for an obese person to overcome their obesity. Not only are they being guided in the wrong direction, the path they are being guided along is actually causing them more harm than good.

Again, I'm not blaming you—I am actually reaching out to you—to help you "End the Trend" of obesity. While I am no longer an obese woman, I can speak on behalf of obese and sugar addicted people everywhere when I plead to "Please give me something I haven't already tried—something that will actually work for me!"

This "something" is to help them overcome their addiction to sugar. That, Dear Weight Loss Product Pusher, is how you and your company can really stop the plague of obesity here in the U.S. Well, that and replace those dollar signs in your eyes with hearts instead.


A Former Fattie on Behalf of Obese People Everywhere

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Michelle Estrada is a leading expert in teaching others how to overcome Food Cravings and Emotional Eating.

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