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Find a Personal Trainer for Fitness Training in Kansas City, MO

Kansas City Personal Trainers

Attention Kansas City Area Women! Do you want some results and want them NOW?

Bathing suit season is ALWAYS just around the corner--are you ready to enjoy the summer poolside in your favorite two-piece, or are you going to sit this one out again? Don’t waste another summer covering up your assets due to unwanted belly fat, love handles, or muffin tops. You still have enough time to get bathing-suit ready!

Personal Trainer in Kansas City

My name is Michelle Estrada and I’m a ISSA-Certified Personal Trainer new to the Kansas City area; this is great news for you as I’m prepared to offer some amazing discounts to grow a loyal clientele!

But first let me tell you of the results you can enjoy with me as your Personal Trainer:

Faster results—safely drop 10 to 15 lbs of fat in the first month alone!

  • Increased metabolism by 50-60%
  • Gorgeous lean & toned physique--the “dancer’s body”
  • Finally get rid of that belly fat—not to mention those saddle bags, muffing tops, and love handles
  • A food plan that will eliminate food cravings and any desires to overeat
  • Option of training at your home or at a gym in KC
  • Accountability partner to keep you on track
  • Unlimited access to Michelle for Q&A purposes
  • Online or in Person Boot Camps
  • Results, results. Results and more results!
Side note: perks to training at your home allows for group sessions with even greater discounts—so round up the girls; Go Team Bikini! Ask me for group pricing.

Now, about those discounts I mentioned earlier—just check out some of these prices:

  • Two training sessions per week: $70—a $20 discount off normal pricing
  • Three training session per week: $90—a $35 discount off normal pricing
  • Or we can create a custom plan around your needs and schedule :)

My usual fee per training session is $45; most Personal Trainers in Kansas City charge $55 per session. Sign on with me during my clientele-building phase, and you can lock in those prices for the duration of our time together! Whether you’re with me for 2 months, 2 years, or 20 years—the prices won’t change!

Let’s get going with the first step: a FREE Basic Health & Fitness Assessment!